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All Head Services' core purpose is to help our clients succeed. We are subject matter experts on the reconditioning of cylinder heads, engines and their installation.

Why should I buy?

  • Quick turnaround, you don’t have your vehicle sitting at the workshop unable to be used
  • Competitively priced. Remanufacturing allows us you to extend the asset life of the vehicle and lower the total cost of ownership.
  • All of our cylinder heads and engines are remanufactured here in Australia
  • All heads and engines are stripped back to their original components, pressure cleaned, hardness tested, crack tested and repaired and then pressure tested to make sure they are sound. We also use new castings on most aluminium heads
  • The original components that pass our QA checks are reused, and new components are used if the originals fail.
  • The head or engine is then reassembled and goes through a final QA inspection before it is dispatched
  • Our NPS score is the highest in the industry, currently at 68 and increasing.